New & Reconditioned Stairlifts

At Hands on Stairlifts we offer new and reconditioned stairlifts Bristol and surrounding areas. Reconditioned stairlifts starts from £800.

Our stairlifts come with a range of great features and additional extras some of these include:

Audible ‘off-charge’ warning / alert
A warning sound to alert you that your stairlift is not parked in the position required to recharge the batteries.

Battery isolation switch
A switch which allows the user to stop the chairlift from working. This is particularly good around children as it stops them operating the chair and causing damage to themselves.

Your stairlift could come with a remote, which usually has two buttons (up and down) to control the chair of the stairlift. The remote allows you to ‘call’ or control the stairlift. Users may need to control the stairlift bringing it to them at the top or bottom of the stairs so they can get on it or a carer may use the remote to operate the stairlift for the user.

Battery Powered
The vast majority of stairlifts are powered by rechargeable batteries. The stairlift is permanently plugged into the mains supply to recharge the batteries, some lifts charge constantly, others when the lift is parked at the top and bottom of the stairs. With battery power the lift will continue to function in the event of mains power failure.

Emergency Brake
This is basically an emergency brake that prevents an uncontrolled descent of the stairlift seat.

Seatbelt or Harness
For most stairlift users a standard lap seat belt will be sufficient. Users with certain ailments and disabilities may require a harness, there is range of harnesses available but not all manufacturers are able to fit them.

Soft Start and Soft Stop
This feature prevents sudden, jarring starts and stops giving a smooth ride.

Swivel seat
This means you can swivel the chair at the top of the stairs as well as isolating the chair so this shall not move once the chair has swiveled 90 degrees.

Note: For safety the seat should always be locked in position before sitting or standing from it, regardless of whether the swivel is manual or powered.

Hands on stairlifts services and repairs

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