Stairlift Removal Bristol

Stairlift Removal Bristol and South West

What do you do when you no longer need a stairlift in your home? Give us a call and ask for our stairlift removal Bristol service.

Perhaps you’ve moved into a new property and there’s a stairlift attached to the wall that no one in the family’s likely to use. Or  a bereavement has meant that there’s no longer a need for it.

Don’t put up with an unwanted  stairlift in your Bristol home. Ask us to uninstall it and we may even buy it back off you depending on it’s working order, age and condition.

Give us a call or fill in the enquiry form here for a free quote for removal.

We remove all types of straight and curved stairlifts. If there is an Acorn or Brooks stairlift fitted, we can remove this for free as well as offer you money for the stairlift. This does depend on it’s condition and age, we will inspect the stairlift for free and offer you a price prior to any removal taking place.

Professional Removal of Unwanted Stairlifts

Most Stairlift removals require trained engineers who know how to dismantle the unit from the rail track, isolate and make sure all the electrics are safe. Transportation is a bigger issue as the item will not fit into a standard hatch-back car, furthermore there isn’t much scrap value to a stairlift and it’s track.
Hands on Stairlifts are fully insured to dispose of your old stairlift in an environmentally friendly way.

If your stairlift is under 5 years of age we might be able to remove it for free depending on manufacturer, condition and model. We may even be able to offer you cash for your unwanted stairlift depending on make, model, age and condition.

We are clean, fast, and efficient – Stairlift Removal in Bristol Service

At Hands on Stairlifts we provide a clean, fast and efficient professional solution to the disposal of your stairlift. All our engineers are fully trained to carry out the removal of your stairlift.

We specialise in the removal of the following stairlifts:

  • Acorn
  • Handicare
  • Stannah
  • Brooks
  • Thyssen

When we visit you, we will check the age and condition of your stairlift. If we believe we can sell it on again as a reconditioned model, we’ll buy it back off you. We always aim to be as fair as we can be with the prices we offer.

Need to remove an unwanted stairlift in Bristol? Please call us on 0117 9094208.

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