Curved Stairlifts Bristol

Curved Stairlifts Bristol

Our engineers are skilled and as such, we will install the stairlifts in the right way. There will be no damage to the walls or your staircase. The stairlift has its rail and seat and will run smoothly, without any problems. When we finish our work, we will clean up the area and ensure that it is spotless. We do not leave any mess behind for you to clean up. We have a wide range of curved stairlift services.

If you or your loved one has difficulties using the staircase, then it is time to consider a stairlift. The curved stairlift is exceptional and will work when you have several levels of the staircase. All the stairlifts that we install are safe and reliable and will work without any hitches. When you hire us, our engineers will discuss with you the operation and we will only leave when we are sure you understand the operation. However, in the event of any challenge, you can call us back and we will be happy to help you. Even if this means we have to come back out and we’ll do this free of charge.

Commercial Curved Stairlifts

Having a curved stairlift on your business premises is highly recommended. This makes it easier for customers as well as employees to use the stairs without a problem. You can use our curved stairlifts to improve mobility on the premises. This can also work wonders in case of emergencies as it can be used to ferry people from one level to another. It does not matter the nature of your business; we will be happy to install the curved stairlifts. All our products are safe and reliable and our experts are skilled, which makes it easier to fix your stairlift. Besides the installation services, we offer repairs and maintenance services for all models of stairlifts.

Our Services

Below our some of our services we provide. From installations, to service, repairs and removals. We have all the skills and knowledge on all stairlifts on the market.

Stairlift Installation

We understand the stress and troubles that can come from having to struggle with the stairs – Having a stairlift installed can make your life a whole lot easier.

Stairlift Service

Regular servicing of your equipment is essential to ensure prolonged life of your stairlift. We can offer professional servicing for our customer

Stairlift Rental

Occasionally people don’t need a stairlift for a long time, or they don’t have the funds to buy one outright, therefore renting a stairlift is often a more practical option.

Stairlift Removal

Don’t put up with an unwanted  stairlift in your  home.  Ask us to uninstall it and we may even buy it depending on it’s working order, age and condition.

24 hours 7 days a week out of hours call out available.

We can provide a 24/7 call out and stairlifts repairs services for most makes and models of stairlifts that may breakdown and are not covered by an existing warranty.
Our engineers carry many stairlift spare parts and will have you back up and running in no time.

For more information visit our Emergency Breakdown page


"I can highly recommend Hands on Stairlifts! We called as an emergency on a Sunday! Peter Was so helpful and you could not wish for a more friendly and caring service! A true life saver for my Mother in law"

"I am delighted with my stairlift, installed so quickly and Trouble-free by Peter, who took time to make sure I could use it and feel safe. Already in two weeks it has made a great difference to my life . So thank you Peter."

"Excellent swift service. My ancient stairlift 'died' just when I needed it; leaving me unable to go upstairs. Peter, responded immediately, to my call for help and came by as quickly as possible. He fixed the stairlift within a few minutes and then took the time to ensure it was fit and safe for me to use. Thank you so much."


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